About Beyond


Thanks again for checking out our home on the internet. We’re happy you did and hope you find everything that you need.

On this page, we’ve included some background information about who we are and how we got started in this business.

Our founder and company owner, Todd, was originally a foreclosed housing auctioneer. When banks repossessed houses, he would then auction them off at the price of the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, with a lot of these bank owned houses, there needed to be a little bit of clean up and renovation before he could auction off the house. A lot of these renovations included things like minor landscaping and tree removal. As a result, he was in contact with many arbor companies every week during his job.

After a while, however, he realized that he could be saving money by doing some of the smaller jobs on his own. So, he took out his old chainsaw from the garage and did most of the branch trimming for the properties he was selling.

Other auctioneers began to realize how good of a job he did with these and asked him to do the same for their properties. In this way, Todd began a small side business of trimming branches. He eventually moved on to doing some tree removals as well.

His side business became so successful that it became his main line of work. He named the company “Beyond the Tree” because it dealt with his past work outside of arbor care.